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Mass Communication Students Association atau MASSA adalah satu persatuan pelajar yang berdaftar di bawah Bahagian Hal Ehwal Pelajar (HEP) yang berperanan untuk menyatukan semua pelajar komunikasi tanpa mengira sequence dan menjalankan program untuk para pelajar di UiTM Shah Alam amnya dan di Fakulti Komunikasi dan Pengajian Media khususnya.

15 October 2010

Ice Cream Extravaganza Sales


Get tired of a whole day study for your exam preparation soon?

Not in study mood?

Exams day only left for a few days remaining..?

Don’t worry guys.. Throw up all pens and calculator.. Get kick-up by having a break with us! Makan-makan time..!

Chill up and sweetened your smile with our variety sorts of ice-creams..!

Welcome to Students’ Ice-cream Booth! We are excited to introduce to you:

1. Ice-cream Supreme Sundae with variety toppings-----> RM 1.50 (mini cups) RM 1.00 (cones)

Introducing our Ice-cream Vanilla/Chocolate/Strawberry Supreme Sundae! Made with 2 scoops (cones) or 3 scoops (mini-cups) of creamy Vanilla/Chocolate/Strawberry ice-cream and premium toppings (such as oreo, cornflakes, smarties and many more) it's perfect for sharing or a special treat for yourself! Check it out!

2. Superb Ice-cream Sandwich-----> RM 1.50 only!

Of course everyone get familiar with hot-dog meals or other meals which such kind of that..Here we bring to you some differences..By putting those sorts of delightful Vanilla/Chocolate/Strawberry ice-cream with a gooey Chocolate and Strawberry sauce and crunch peanuts topped with jimmies between two scrumptious bun. Definitely will be such great and sweet moment in each bite especially for Dessert Lovers!

3. Awesome Rootbeer Float-----> RM 1.50 only!

A nice and frosty cup of good Rootbeer Float will surely makes anyone’s day…Definitely, everyone will lovin’ it and that’s why it is called awesome! ngeh3x…try it!

4. Heavenly Banana Split with Ice-cream-----> RM2.00 only!

Finally, you might want to sit down for this..Vanilla, Chocolate and Strawberry delightful ice cream covered with gooey chocolate and strawberry sauce, fresh banana and crunch peanuts topped with chocolate rice and jimmies on cream… Yummy...heaven..for sure will make everyone often licked on bowl..You won't believe that? Why don’t you grab one soon and find it out! Available for limited time only.

Chase us at Students’ Ice-cream Booth at Foyer S&T Tower, UiTM Shah Alam

All day Wednesday 20 October 2010 starts from 12.30pm until 5.30pm

So, don’t forget to scoop up your favorite ones or bring joy to your loved/spouse ones with the sensational ice-cream only from Students’ Ice-cream Booth!

Hurry up while stocks last!

For more information head on down to :
Students Ice Cream Booth (Facebook)

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